Recreation Inclusion Consultant

Inclusion Support Plans


Individualized recreation plans

When the  assessment is completed, the therapist will develop an Inclusion support plan and review it with the parent and the child/adult if helpful. the support plan includes:
  • A summary of the strengths of the client (person assessed)
  • Leisure interests and current skills 
  • Strategies to support the client in the recreation setting (general or specific). the report can then be reviewed with the progrm leader by the parent or the CTRS at the clients program site.  

we also develop individual recreation plans for clients to develop specific recreation goals. 

Behavior Management Strategies

Are you a parent of a child or adolescent with a disability? Do you have difficulty finding community programs that can meet your child's social needs?

are you an agency that provides community recreation programs, but need support with training or strategies to include children and adolescents to your program?   

we offer a comprehensive therapeutic recreation assessment with a  Certified therapeutic recreation therapist (CTRS). The therapist will also assist in exploring community recreation programs in your community for your child, discuss person-readiness for programs, and develop an inclusion support plan .  

Putting it all together

MAKING new FRIENDS is sometimes hard, but for children and adolescents that 
struggle with conversation, social, or assertiveness skills, making friends is even harder. That is why recreation settings are ideal to foster friendships.

making friends is one of the primary GOALs OF  recreation INCLUSION!  
so how do we help a child develop friendship skills? By creating a team and working together! Who are the team members?
  • The child or teen
  • The parent/caregiver
  • The recreation professional
  • The Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist