Therapeutic Drumming

  • autism/development disabilities 
  • grief issues
  • chronic illness
  • recovery and co-dependency
  • dementia or Alzheimer's disease
  • staff trainings for agencies

Recreational Drumming

  • Day camps
  • Children parties
  • Senior programs
  • Family events, reunions 
  • After school enrichment
  • ​Faith-based events (VBS)


​​ Drumming for Families

  • ​a safe and fun way to non-verbally communicate
  • experience recreation as a family
  • ​encourages unity
  • ​promotes self-expression

Want a fun, hands-on, engaging and interactive activity for your next children's program? Drum circles bring energy and joy to children and requires no musical experience! The magic of music making with drumming is ideal for children of all abilities. Each child has an opportunity to lead the drum circle and experience hand drums, percussion instruments, Djembe drums, and enjoy a "rainstorm" with the thunder tube, rain sticks, and an ocean drum.

Whether offered as educational or just plain fun, children are called to the circle with the beat of a gathering drum. They will learn the parts and notes of the drum and introduce themselves by talking through the drum. Then the magic begins!

The children continue to talk through the drum with the "call and response,” and play a solo performance, take turns leading the circle and dance with the beat of the drum. This builds confidence, allows children to take risks in a non-threatening way, practice turn taking, sharing, waiting, and self expression.

With some event activities, children feel inadequate and are teased because of their skill level, but with drumming, no musical experience is necessary, and children with all ability levels can participate and feel successful. Through games such as hide and seek with musical fruit, children experience the Djembe drums, hand drums, percussion instruments. 

Call today at (615) 585-1188 or email us at trainings and and schedule your next children's event. Music is a universal langue and safe and fun way to express feeling in a drum circle.



Research supports the positive effect of drumming on social behaviors, grief, self expression, depression, behavioral challenges, and motor planning skills.

As a recreation therapist, and a HealthRhythm Drumming Facilitator and Dementia Practitioner, I bring years of experience and expertise when working with individuals or groups of that live with  challenges in communication, memory, motor skills, attention, focus, or social engagement.

Fostering creative expression and supporting self-determination, drumming is ideal for individuals who may not communicate verbally as the drum can "speak" for them. 

Everyone experiences drumming differently, but when we connect with a drum, we express our energy, vitality, and emotions in a safe environment.

Encouraging individuals to increase perception, attention, and memory, we can address motor planning skills, encourage patience, and stimulate auditory, visual, and kinetic learning.

Building self esteem (accomplishing something new and challenging) and confidence, drumming promotes feelings of community and unity.

​Implementing a therapeutic drum circle in your next agency training or in-service can enhance group cohesion, boost employee morale, improve communication, and increase productivity.

Drumming is one of the best activities to introduce to programs, as it allows for self express, encourages social interaction, promotes a physical activity and builds relationships all while having fun!

Summer Camps

Family and children events

After School Programs

Conference Breakout Sessions


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Recreation Inclusion Consultant

Every families has their own unique personality. In most families, what affects one family member affects all family members to some degree, even down to the youngest who you may think is least aware.

Whether your family is struggling with the grief of the death of a family member, the challenges of a child with attention/focus difficulties, or a teen returning home after alcohol/drug rehabilitation, recreation therapist can utilize drumming as an intervention to strengthen the family so everyone can work on the challenge together.

As a recreation therapist I also work with families before a problem begins. Are you getting ready to blend two families and the children are a bit reluctant? Drumming will encourage self expression, and the release of fears, doubts, and stress of the upcoming change.

By identifying the challenge in a family situation, we can establish individual and family goals and develop strategies to resolve them. This may include developing a family "mantra" on the drums, creating a family mission statement through music, focusing on individualized stress and anxiety reduction beats for family members, or practicing mindfulness and relaxation to the ocean drum and soft sprinkles of a rain stick.

I use a variety of therapeutic recreation interventions when working with families or individuals. To see a list of other interventions such as expressive arts, or leisure education, go to my about page. I will often use a combination of interventions when working with families, depending on the challenges and goals to achieve.