Inclusion! Supporting children with ADHD, and other developmental disabilities

In this workshop, you will learn what inclusion is and gain an overview of several different disabilities and support strategies to use to encourage peer interaction,  group participation, and a successful experience in your program.

Time: 2 hrs
Cost: $200


What's in Your Discipline Toolbox? Creating Cooperative Kids!

Often we use the same discipline tools over and over and don’t get the results we want. This informative and interactive workshop will inspire and motivate you to change the way you look at kids and understand the influence you have on their behavior as you build your discipline tool box.

Time: 2 hrs


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$50 per hr. Min. 2 hr

  • Clarify Program Goals 
  • Develop Inclusion Goal and Policy
  • Develop Behavior Policy
  • On-site coaching

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Behaviors are often  
ways children communicative a need. Practicing positive guidance encourages more cooperation and less misbehavior.  Whether it is a child with ADD, a learning disability or anxiety, by creating a supportive environment you foster inclusion and well-being.

Taking programs from great to best practices!


Are some children or teens missing out on your dynamic programs? Want to include them, but just don't know how? Don't wait any longer! We can help your staff develop the confidence and skills to provide the support to include children with behavior challenges, ADHD, autism and other developmental disabilities with their peers without disabilities. Contact us today! Our innovative inclusion training program and follow up support will ensure your agency provides services that your community will embrace. 

  • Coaching
  • Assessments
  • training packages

Despite the benefits ​children gain from participating in out of school time activities, children with disabilities
 still remain grossly underserved. Social competence, higher aspirations, and overall improvement in the quality of their lives.

Through experiential trainings, best practices of recreation inclusion strategies are taught to ensure your staff feel supported for maximizing employee retention, your program goals are met and social inclusion is achieved. 

Supporting children and adolescents with disabilities and behavior challenges in recreation programs
since 1990  

Children and adults with challenges behaviors

​​Summer camps, after schools and other out of school programs 
Best Practices of Recreation Inclusion

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Supporting Children With Behaviors of Concern

All behavior is communication. When a child’s behavior becomes challenging, that child is telling you a need is not being met. Learn how to identify what the child is saying and how to  how to talk so they will listen. Understand power struggles, and how to avoid them and how to give choices they will agree to. 

Time: 2 hr

Supporting Children on the Autism Spectrum

With 1 in 68 school age children being diagnosis on the autism spectrum today, ensuring your staff are trained and confident to serve these families this summer helps removes the biggest barrier of all when it comes to inclusion...fear! This workshop will make you laugh, cry, and embrace the world of autism as you learn support strategies for inclusion.

Time: 2 hr

Recreation Inclusion Consultant

​​Empowering people, parents, and professionals since 1990